Cirque Salon Fiction Readings take place at Book Show. Join us for evenings of fantasy, intrigue, sorrow, humor, and craft—with lively discussions to follow. Among the writers we’ve hosted are: Toni Ann Johnson, Colette Sartor, Desiree Zamorano, Tanya Ward Goodman, Mario PiumettiRachel Warecki, Alana Saltz, Philip Barragan, Melissa Chadburn, Michael X. Ferraro, Laura Warrell, Christina Trincale, Nicole SconiersKate MaruyamaKim KoehlerJen HitchcockDawn Dorland, and Odious Ari DeSano.

Cirque Salon The Workshop

Do you want to hone your skills as a writer? This workshop is an intensive group setting that combines serious feedback and professional editorial critique. Join us and make the commitment to finish your work.

  • Explore writing techniques to find your story
  • Intensive group critiques
  • Open to fiction, memoir or whatever your interest
  • Develop a publishable piece

If you are interested in upcoming classes, contact Mandy and she will notify you when the next workshop is scheduled!

Mandy does an excellent job creating a course that supports the entire writing process. She encourages uninhibited creativity first, then lends just the right amount of support in creating and meeting realistic goals that lead towards polished work.  – Jen
Mandy introduced me to some creative techniques that helped me get to the heart of my stories. She also schooled me on the business of writing by exposing me to online resources. She encouraged us to submit our work for publication. I submitted my first two pieces at the end of our workshop and one of them was accepted. Thanks for the push Mandy! – Kim
Mandy taught me a lot of useful prompts and gave me personalized insights to help me with my writing.  – Jeff
Mandy has great insight about the writing process and about getting published from her own experience. She is incredibly generous when sharing her experience and knowledge, and she doesn't hold back. The workshop was everything I was looking for: concrete writing techniques, information about submitting work, and deadlines to get me writing. But more than that, it provided an encouraging atmosphere and camaraderie with Mandy and the other students that I would have enjoyed even if we were doing an activity I can't stand -- like flossing my teeth.  – Ari