Hillary Clinton’s Loss Makes Me Mourn For The Girls

By Mandy Campbell Moore (The Establishment)

There are a lot of reasons to be sad right now. All the progress that’s been made in the last eight years that will be scrapped in the first hundred days. All the hateful new initiatives that will likely affect us for decades to come. Read more…

Today, I'm Saddest for the Girls

By Mandy Campbell Moore (Role Reboot)

When Democrats say they lost the election because Hillary Clinton was their candidate, what they’re really saying is that they lost because their candidate was a female. I fear that this is the takeaway for young women and girls. Read more…

The Other Side of the Line

By Mandy Campbell Moore (Redux)

My first morning on the job, I’m melting. The cafeteria floats in my tears. White-aproned reflections swim across the stainless surfaces—counters, sinks, cabinets, doors. Vegetables I’m fixing to slice sweat odors… Read more…

The Odyssey of Turkey Jane

By Mandy Campbell Moore (The East Bay Review)

California’s Highway 395 is a road you’d use if you were on the lam. Or if you wanted to see Los Angeles raped and left for dead. I know desert, but this looks like a bomb’s aftermath got swept away by windstorms. Read more…


By Mandy Campbell Moore (Ink & Coda)

Oscar plants a ladder amidst his granite and lava landscaping, climbs to prune his huge fig tree. The greenest thing on this cul de sac, it shades his end of the building. Read more…


By Mandy Campbell Moore (Word Riot)

An ugliness blossoms in Nina’s husband when their daughter is born. Though not confined to the bedroom, it’s at its most unpleasant there. Read more…

The Other Side of the Line

By Mandy F. Farrington (Calyx)