From A Most Attractive Couple
By Mandy Campbell Moore © 2016
. . . . .

When she pulls into the school parking lot, his mother tells him, “You have fifteen minutes. Dance with her. Make your statement. If you’re not both back out here and ready to go, I’m coming in.”

Entering the gym always gives him butterflies, but normally he can work them out by taking the ball. At the door two cheerleaders—one black, one white—hug him as if ages instead of hours have passed since they’ve seen him. Streamers on the ceiling, a disco ball sparkling. “Little Red Corvette” plays on the sound system and kids seem too intimidated to dance to that song. He glances sympathetically at Coach Spivey, who has obviously never heard these lyrics before. Teddy and Trevor chuck his shoulder and compare their sharp outfits. Other teammates shout his name over the music. He smiles and waves—gotta play it cool—but continues making his way across the dance floor to the metal folding chairs along the dark wall where he’s imagined her sitting all evening.

She rises as she catches his eye, presenting her glory. It’s immediately obvious why she couldn’t risk her Granddaddy seeing her. The dress, she made it—but he’s never seen anything like this. Silvery in the low light, the top of it pinches her chest in a way that gives her a deep cleavage. He’s wondering how she accomplished that when he notices how the skirt clings to her little round bottom.

She’s losing a battle with her tears. They hold each other tight.

He whispers apologies. “I had a tough time getting here.”

She pulls him toward the dance floor and presses herself against him, turning Red Corvette into a slow dance. Her voice breaks moist in his ear, “I’ll show you a tough time.”

He scans the room to see that everyone is watching them. Then he buries his face in her hair and holds on.

. . . . .